Monday, October 23, 2006

Sara Steele's Painted Elephant!

Dear Friends,

After spending much of August up on ladders in a maintenance bay (courtesy of the Sisters of Saint Joseph) I finished painting the "Exuberant Elephant".

The elephant is 11 feet tall, and is not a political commentary. :-)

It is now standing outside of the Borders in Chestnut Hill, where it will remain until being auctioned off Nov. 18th to benefit the Philadelphia Zoo and the local community.

My dream is to have the elephant purchased by a person or group of people, and donated to Children's Hospital or St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, so it can reside in a public space and cheer kids up.

Please pass the word if you know of anyone who'd be interested in making such a gift. For further details and information about the AbZOOlutely auction, call the Zoo Staff at (215) 247-6696 or email a bid to

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